Walking amongst “Heroes” and (some) “Villains”

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Growing up, DC and Marvel comics were definitely the two comics I loved. Focusing on DC comica, it was always the handsome and quirky Clark Kent/Superman and the show off yet secretive Bruce Wayne/Batman. So when it was announced that “The World of DC” would be exhibiting here in Malaysia, I was excited and now finally glad that I could actually visit it. (Yes, I took my chances and waited till it was a week before the exhibition comes to close!)

The exhibition was pretty quiet as days had already passed, and the initial enthusiasm had died down. This made it easier for me to appreciate each of the sections. As we pass the DC entrance hall, visitors are able to view DC Movie Posters, and from there, we walk into the Hall of Superman!

The World of DC in 30 seconds

Within each exhibition, there are at least one or two multimedia displays that are exhibited that allow a form of interaction. Either by motion sensor or touch sensor, each display allowed its visitors an experience. My personal favourite was the re-enactment display from Aquaman (2018). Wherein, you step into a marker and a sensor detects your presences to simulate the similar experience as Arthur received and as you step away the sea creatures turn their gazes away from you. This type of interaction gave a better feeling as compared to the previous in the Batman section where we would be able to light up the suit cases by placing our palm on the sensor.

Step into the circle. Now you have a connection with the underwater.

Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed as to not experience the interaction from the Wonder Woman section. The setup used both a sensor and an X-Box to interact with a game-like sequence. However, there was no guide or anyone to assist and so I walked on to others.

Just as much as the Heroes were featured, some of the Villains who did get a moments glory as “heroes” were also on display such as Joker and Harley Quinn and the infamous crew from both Suicide Squad 1 and 2.

Each section was really tailored to the movie franchise, and any fan who has watched all would appreciate each of it. If you have yet to visit, you still have until the end of this month! Head over to https://woweventasia.com/the-world-of-dc-exhibition to book a ticket or head over to Tropicana Mall now.

The details on each of the models!

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