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Ever quite recently, we took a bunch of our students on a college field-trip over to Petrosains KL. One couldn’t help but wonder why of all the places would we choose to go to Petrosains KL and well for starters, I hadn’t been there ever in my life. However, what made this trip fascinating was getting students to see beyond the interaction and try to decipher how it was attempted (and if they could propose a better interaction).

Students were gathered early (as soon as Suria KLCC) was opened and that was simply cause we got word of another group coming over and we wanted to beat them to it. In all honesty, it was far easier to move around and observe the interactions when there are lesser human beings around. Nevertheless, Petrosains is a Malaysian Science and Technology Museum located in the heart of KL and it is well-known for its scientific displays and interactions. The site was created as a learning experience for younger learners and to give them the exposure to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in a fun-loving manner.

General admission rates can be easily found one their website and when it comes to students on a field-trip, it would be a flat rate of RM13 (for as long as they are able to produce their active student ID cards). At the counter, you are given an option to just walk-in or one can have the experience of entering the Energy Capsule – a mini indoor train ride that takes you through a tunnel of time. Interestingly, it gives you a better insight into the early days of the Industrustrial Revolution period to what it is today and possibly into the future to come.

There are several halls as you navigate about the exhibits:

  • Sparkz – This hall yields to young children and the adults as it creates a good interaction between both the adults and children. This area focuses more on arts and music!
  • Oil Rig Platform – Now this bit is an interesting bit as it introduces her audiences to how oils are discovered through an interactive multimedia game and the processes interestingly is displayed using projection mapping.

Projection mapping of the drill going down the earth for extraction. The setup here is straightforward as the the image of the ground is on the flat surface and a paper-based material was used to create a semi-tube like surface for the animation to be mapped upon.

  • Moving along, we have Speed a space that exhibited several types of fast speed simulations like skiing and F1 driving.
  • A Molecule Nano World that also used tablets where the user could play a game of catch the molecule and, in turn, create an awareness of the chemical around us.
  • Of course as you come to a full circle, it was the long awaited Geotime Diorama, the inhouse Jurassic Park filled with robotic dinos and fossils.

Of course each of her visitors don’t need to leave without purchasing a keepsake from the Xplorasi Gift Shop.

Robotics and AI
Students getting really really into it their observational study.
Students from the Diploma in Multimedia with Animation and Diploma in Immersive Design (ICAD)
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