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Yes, there was once a time during my younger days that we would be told “Coffee is for adults” and it made us wonder WHY!!!? Today, there is no distinction of who can drink and who can’t – well don’t take my word for it parents! It is definitely a wiser decision not to give them coffee till they at least in high school or as we Malaysians call it secondary school. 

Nevertheless, it comes from my personal observation that when teens begin to infiltrate colleges and universities, they only know the big names such like Starbucks, Coffee Beans and San Francisco Coffee… They certainly have not yet acquired the taste for different beans nor the smell. Mentioning this does not make me a coffee connoisseur even if I would love to call me so!

That said, I decided to go on a little hunt around SS15, Subang Jaya! As many of the local would know, SS15 is the hottest spot here in Subang Jaya (that is second to Subway Pyramid) and it is well-known for being a hub for food, drinks and until last year – Bubble Tea. People from all classes would gather around for some good food and company or some business deals or a runaway to work remotely far from their office spaces!

Here is my top-most visited place in SS15!

The Crackpots Coffee Roaster

This quaint little space is open to serve your coffee needs as early as 7:30am and they feature an interesting selection roasts that comes in from various areas. Located two doors away from Starbucks and on the first floor, customers are greeted by the sweet awakening smell of brewed coffee. The staff would recommend you a drink should you feel you are spoiled for choices.

Truth be told, the walk up to their store is heavenly. One might be able to miss the entry way up but you cannot miss that sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee. My personal favorite is their freshly baked Lemon Poppy-seed Madeleines and in the simplest way to describe it — “Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside“. These mini goodness are their in-house bakes and goes perfectly well with almost anything else on their beverages menu.

Another MUST TRY at The Crackpots Coffee Roasters is their Signature Hojicha and especially if you are one who enjoys a non-coffee fix and love your drinks cold. As for coffee-lovers, fret not as the baristas knows their tasters! They will allow you to take a sniff off some of the speciality beans and as they serve you they will encourage you to try test drinking the brew in two ways.

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