Carnations and Daisies: The Garden of Love

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Love will find you when you least expect it to. It will come unannounced and find you in an unusual moment on the strangest of days.
Avijeet Dass

… And that was the story of the two souls who were united in the Sacrament of Marriage on July 16th, 2022. Angela (the bride) has been a dear and close childhood friend; and when she called me one evening to say she was finally getting married…. Guess what she said!!? She made me her graphic designer and handed me the honour of designing the logo for both she and Morgan and their invitation cards.

Morgan and Angela Logo sketch

The journey began with a sketch and my concept behind this was related to how two souls had to take many turns and long roads to find and meet each other (which by the way led to their fateful meeting in Penang in 2018). It wasn’t until much later did they begin their journey in love and it was an interesting Klang+Penang Love Story~

 Daisies and Carnations

Their simple love was reflected with the use of daisies and carnations – the sweet pink and white that is contrasted against an elegant marble. Yes, every flower was illustrated with pencil and watercoloured with the blushes of the bride. This was later imported as a digital image into Adobe Illustrator and exported into wedding invitations sealed with a sticker that prominently displayed their logo.

Now that the invites where being flown off by Hedwig and the owl crew, it was time to work on items for the actual day – booklet covers for the Church Wedding Mass; little favor boxes to contain the traditional fruit cake (a homebaked courtesy of a family friend) and a little surprise that I kept silent until the week before their wedding – a splash screen design.

All in all it was a joyful experience to cherish as I can proudly scream with a gleeful expression, “I designed my best friend’s wedding kit!!!” 

Have a look at the instagram post below to view the splash screen.


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