Carving into the Hide: The Solmiet Story

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At some point life, we have a tendency to seek something new and this time I opened the door to leather working. Leatherworking requires quite an enormous amount of energy especially when leather tooling – a process of engraving or embossing on leather.


The first few tries where not at all easy.

Patience was essential and this was one trade wherein you can not rush through. So the first thing, that I had to master was PATIENCE!

But soon it became muscle memory and tooling was a breeze. The next step was to understand the types of leather; how to choose for the different nature of products and how to calculate the amount needed without wasting.

That brought me to learning how to “skive” – a very delicate method of thinning leather be it just the sides (for sewing) or in general. It was here that I nearly lost my sanity as I was skiving off more than I can chew. However, thankfully from my first few experimentations, I saved the scraps and that became the source of practice to harness the right amount of strength and (again…) Patience to thin the right areas properly.
It was then I was a little more confident to explore and test the market with the smallest of projects – a staff ID holder. (You can find one for yourself in our products store)
And from there came the journey of creating a new brand name for this product – Solmiet! I will make another post soon to detail the logo designing journey. In the meantime, do follow @solmiet.creations for more leatherwork updates as there are more items to come.

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