NFT, the 21st Century Art Movement

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One of the few things I have been exploring since late 2021 was the magical world of NFT. Prior to that the white rabbit made me explore the world of crypto and needless to say, it was an interesting read and mind-boggling topic to venture. However, from Cryptos and Bitcoins, the world has evolved into a sea of art that I would classify as Dada-ism meets Pop Art of the virtual world. Pretty soon, it might be written in history as an art movement known as #NFT Art Movement.

Coming back to the topic at hand, I began my journey by listing down the various sites that housed NFTs and were the trending sites for Malaysians (and perhaps Southeast Asia). From there, I narrowed it further by reading and checking with some of the local artist to see where they were posting their pieces and how they were garnering the sales and such. This led me to narrowing my options to two sites to explore – Opensea.io and Mintable.app

Both were equally fun to explore with but pretty soon, I began to see that the actions seems to be livelier on Mintable and so began to grow my activity there with what I would refer to as Visual Mind Illustrations.

Kickstarting my random illustrations, I began to doodle away my thoughts on photos of my surroundings or places that gave me a lightbulb moment. Soon I found myself thinking of how could I animate this and that in my doodly-style at all these random places. Ideas were just flowing as and wherever I was. 

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