Breaking into the New World

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The term NFT has been floating around for quite a while and I have been pretty much trying to avoid this breakthrough. Perhaps it was more of fear more than anything else.

Many people have been encouraging me to explore the world of NFT… and so II have decided to try it out for the next year of 2022. And so I have decided to try it out on two different sites – Mintable which is a Singapore based NFT Market and OpenSea, that hails from the US.

 And, after experimenting for awhile, I personally found Mintable to be more approachable. But now it will be about crossing my fingers to seeing if it captures the eye of any interest beings.

In addition to that, I needed to give myself a new name after being away from the world of Digital Drawing and Painting and so comes the name Fjorsvika – that carries a bit of ancient Latin and loosely translates to Fount of Colours, 

Do check it out in your free time and drop me a comment or two

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