Painted Memories

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First and foremost, this is a delayed post. but as the saying goes, nothing is ever too late unless you are dead. This goes back to December of 2020 when I launched my hand-printed plates. I had been thinking of means and ways of turning my watercolor illustrations into something that is more that paper and printing on tees and totes seemed overused.

After much looking around, reading here and there and the countless YouTube video watching, I had my lightbulb moment but it was indeed a painful process as I experimented – some of my illustrations tore as I was conducting the image transfer and some suffered a tremendous color loss as it went through a wash in the sink.

But the result… was beautiful as I used my Inktober 2018 illustrations that featured animals I saw in my residences or at work. 



After much practice, came the first order and it was for a sweet couple. A sweet reminiscence of their engagement and oh what joy it was Christmas.


ravindranterrance:Thank you very much for making this a reality. Mel was such a joy to work with, so talented making random ideas into such beautiful one-off work of art!

In your free time, do check out and if it comes of an interest to you – tell me what you would like for me to illustrate and print onto my plates.

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