MUSE 2.0: An A-Muse-ing Exhibition of Art and Design during the Pandemic

Working in an art and design industry is way different from working in the art and design education industry. With this thought in mind, a group of lecturers got together to initiate a staff exhibition in 2018. The event was well received and with the encouragement of INTI College Subang, the faculty launched a second exhibition in 2019 under the title ‘Muse’.

Credits to Akmal Ariffin, ICAD Fashion Lecturer

Once again it was well received. In 2019, a larger array of displays were exhibited compared to the previous year, and with lecturers showcasing their diverse skills, techniques and inspirations that not only inspire their students but also garner the interest of Art Enthusiasts! The passion continued to grow in anticipation for 2020 as the ideas for themes, subjects for exhibition and suggestions for physical venues began to flow from the minds of these artistic lecturers.

However by the first quarter of 2020, the devastating condition of the Covid-19 outbreak on a global sphere began to force people into a state of isolation in order to flatten the curve. The campus has been vacated and the lecturers have had to migrate from a physical teaching atmosphere to a virtual teaching platform. Yet this untimely pandemic has not stopped this group of lecturers into an idle state, instead they have taken this pandemic as an inspiration for MUSE2.0 New(f)Norm: Adapting a new life experience through the lenses of art.

Credits to Mohd. Syahrin Nazri, ICAD Lecturer

As learning never stops growing, neither does growing stop evolving and so, this year’s Muse Exhibition showcases an expression of the lecturers’ personal experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. The art show features 28 ICAD staff members’ expression of experiences that reflects on one of ICAD’s Manifestos while responding to current issues and adapting to the new way of living in the realm of uncertainties. The mentioned manifesto was released earlier this year during the annual ICAD Design Days (IDD); a yearly celebration held by INTI Center of Art & Design (ICAD) in conjunction with ico-D’s World Design Day (WDD). 

That being said, Muse 2.0 New (f)Norm was officially and virtually launched on the 11th of November 2020 to provide her audience with a simulated 3D experience similar to one, a visitor would have in a physical art gallery. 

Come visit the Virtual Art Exhibition presented by the creatively talented and artistically inspired ICAD lecturers on Artsteps.Com

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