Living in the Age of Covid-19

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Never would have anyone imagined living in an era tormented by a virus. Nevertheless, through it all, there has been it’s goods and bads as people have begun to adapt to a new way of living. If one were to take a moment and observe, we had somewhat started living in a fast-paced environment and with the virus – life has slowed down for a bit. Even for me, I didn’t realize that I was beginning to miss out on a whole chunk of life.

However, looking on the brighter side, something good had come out of it as I began to spend my April to July time focusing on harnessing my skills in the various explorations. In addition to that was the complete move from physical teaching to online teaching. I think it’s pretty safe to say, I may have spent more than I intended to in turning my home office into a makeshift recording studio.

That aside, I have picked up some neat techie tricks with the computer and turning my phone into a recording camera. There were tons of tribulations to cross but lots of knowledge and experience was earned in the process. One of which was creating a new method for students to get a new experience of virtual learning using blogs. Mind you that this was for hands-on teaching such like drawing and painting. Personally it was exhilarating to see students getting into the practice of writing their thoughts and their working process.

On a personal exploration, if you had been following my Instagram – I finally found the time to digitize my pieces and turn them into a collection. Here is a snippet view and with it being available on Shopee and Etsy for sale!

Moving onwards, taking full advantage of the extra time I know have – more exploration and experimentation was given to enhancing my other skills. In the case of batiking, I found the time to play with the dyes and fabrics – good and bad results as I found that I can’t really use salt on China Silk just as I would on Cotton or Rayon. As salt has the ability to soak in the water, it also has a tendency scar the fabric so lesson learned here.

Come the mid of September, we were near functioning back to the classic physical classroom setting with the touch of social distancing. It felt so good to be back into the studio setting with a live audience (in this case, students). In this set below, you would see me conducting a stencil silkscreen using vinyl sticker instead of the usual exposure technique.

Alas, in this short period of time, this is all that I can share. More to come!

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