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Recently, I have been experimenting on several types of clay – air-dry clay types and oven-bake types. Truthfully, it has been not only fun but exhilarating as the processes are really different and the outcomes as well.

For the earlier part of my experimentations, I decided to try out cold porcelain. As the name suggests, the cold porcelain is also known as a homemade clay – consisting of corn floor, white glue, vinegar or lemon and some oil. However, instead of using ordinary PVA white glue, I substituted it with Modge Podge Glue. This little Terrier was one of the few successes I had as the homemade substance can not only be really soft, its also very sticky to manage and mold into a free shapes. The good thing about this is its extremely hard once it hardens. Perhaps the best method of using this type of clay would be using a mould. But then again, this is only my opinion based on my experience.

However, I did have a little success when I used the similar batch to mold a mini doll. The cold porcelain was used to craft the arms and legs for my Lil’Rosa. I decided to let it semi harden before adding them to the body (which is off a different material).

I will continue more on Lil’ Rosa once I have completed here.

Finally, after a long contemplation, I decided to take a risk and try out the oven-bake polymer – Sculpey III. Now, this was really fun to work with as unlike using the homemade cold polymer, air-dry paper clay and the Yenji-air-dry polymer clay, I truly didn’t have to worry about it drying out and hardening. Additionally, this clay was really manageable to mold as compared to Sculpey Accent which took me close to 30 minutes to soften with some rolling and kneading.

Back to Sculpey III, I pulled out my little notebook which I keep for sketching down any ideas that come to mind. Now in my head, I made up mind into wanting to make a little Owl as a guidance animal totem for my pet-brother. As I told him, “I will make you a your very own Hedwig (Harry Potter’s owl)”. This truly excited him and that really brought some warmth to my heart.

Additionally, as I did my sketches, I decided to attempt making a Faux Blue China Porcelain. So with the little inspiration from my last travels to the Royal Delft Factory in Netherlands, I started my little adventure.

The first bake was really solid! It turned out exactly how I imagined it to look and here in the image above, is the glazing process – I used Sculpey Glossy Glaze and set it to dry before baking it again.

Once that was done, I paint it with Pebeo Porcelain 150 blue-color. Set it aside to settle and moved on to finally baking it.

Voila! Say hello to Little Owell!

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