A Dive into Paper Clay

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So once again, I gave my students a little challenge – learn to sculpt using paper clay. The aim of this exercise was firstly to practice patience as one of the main issues we encounter everyday is the endurance of maintaining our patience with the people around us. Sculpting clay is not just a mere skill but once mastered it can be a pretty zen thing for art and craft lovers.

Among the other things they had to observe was control of water as if they used too much, the clay will become too smudgy and soft, making it harder to sculpt and there is a high chance that the clay may fall apart once it had hardened.

Additionally, some took on the challenge of making their own sculpting tools with skewer sticks and popsicle sticks. Over all they were challenged to create a medium relief sculpture. However, some aimed slightly higher and decided to take on an attempt in making a high-relief sculpture.

Over the period of frustration and laughters, the class eventually managed to attempt something that was eventually take home to be dried and painted for presentation.

Here is the demo presentation that was presented to them in the class. The glazed piece (right) was the one I had prepared prior to the class as I was trying to determine how long it would take before the clay hardens; and the second one (left) was one I sculpted for the students’ in-class demonstration.

Till next time folks!

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