KLIF 2023: Immersing in Art

The long awaited KL Illustration Fair 2023 had finally launched however unfortunately for me, I could not get a chance to attend the conference talks but alternatively, I got the opportunity to haul my students from Basic Digital Imaging (photoshop class) to get an exposure of the variety of design styles that are out there in the “real world”. Additionally, it was to implant in them the idea of testing the market with their creations.

The KL Illustration Fair 2023 was launched on Friday 5th May and closed yesterday Sunday, 7th May and featured an array of gifted illustrators and designers from the Local and International Arena.

It was definitely a feast for eyes as the many artist featured their original ideas and interestingly some even too ideas from childhood days (something any child born in the 80s in Malaysia can relate to.) This turned to be inspiration as to how one can use their surroundings as a source of concept ideas. And like all art, one thing always leads to another and we see that art is not just confined to the paper but also turned into accessories.

Local Delicacies from childhood memories

Photo credits to Vivian Dumpangol

Some nyonya goodies
White Rabbit Sweets and Bachang anyone?
Hi Yiqing!

Who was your favorite artist?

It was an interesting day well-spent and it was also a great feeling to see some of the students actually trying to understand how the artist had created their pieces of work. Psst… maybe I’ll try to join next year *cross fingers*

And well of course, since I am already here at GMBB, I could not avoid my favorite traditional art form – Wayang Kulit but with a twist!

If you haven’t heard or seen the works by Fusion Wayang Kulit, be sure to stop by GMBB to take a look at the process in creating the puppets and feast your fantasy in seeing your favorite comic heroes being wayang kulit-ed!

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