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Day 29, Entry 1: Never ever in my days of living would I have ever imagined living my life from the four walls of my home. End of entry.

Yes, I had to add a little dramatization to my opening statement. Nevertheless with the recent pandemic, one can agree that it has affected the livelihood of many. The usual buzz, the traffic congestion… everything has come to a standstill in an effort to flatten the curve of surging infections.

There have been its good and bad throughout the period thus far – one of the good would be enhancing my watercolour skills using this teaching site called Domestika! Now this is definitely a site I would recommend during this “stay-at-home” period. Its basically tailor-made for those who are already in the field of arts, crafts and design and would like to improve their skills in other areas; and is perfectly suited for those who have never painted a stroke till today. The saying “I can’t paint to save my life.” at the back of your mind will immediately dissipate with the courses they have to offer here.

As for me, I signed up for three courses but I will only be sharing on one of the courses in this entry. I will share on how it has made me improve gradually in a short period of time.

Meet Ana Victoria Calderon, the facilitator for this course. Ana is a water-colourist from Mexico and shares her experience in this course. In brief, it is strategically broken down making it easy for the participant to digest the basic understanding before diving into the process. Yes process! A basic understanding in design process is a core to any final outcome of an artwork!

She kick-starts your interest by sharing her where she gains her inspirations from and moves on into showcasing some of her accomplished works that range from packaging delights to admirable illustrated books.

As she eases on, she gives a short but very straightforward demonstrative tutorial on several watercolour techniques. Being a short course, she gives an encouragement to try out and share our personal experiences on following what she had done.

Nevertheless for me, this was a fruitful experience as it made me overcome an age long fear of controlling watercolour on paper. Truth be told, it was my kryptonite but the ease-ins from Ana’s course on Domestika made me improve in a short matter of time. What made it further interesting was taking my watercolour a step further and turning it into greater masterpieces with the aid of computer software such like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

This inspired me to re-open an old and abandoned account from years ago on Society6. A place where I was able to fabricate my designs onto a variety of objects for personal and home living use. Does it stop there? Unfortunately for me, it never stops as I know in my own-self that I am definitely going to grow it further for as long as I am living, breathing and walking upon this earth.

So before I take my leave, I would like to know what have you been upto throughout this period. If you have not indulged in something new, how about signing on to something that would spark your interest on Domestika?

Share your stories in the comments below. I’d like to hear from you too!

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