Playing with Colours

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it has been a really long while since I penned a post here. To be honest it has been a really long year 2019. So in this post, I will share on one of the more recent experiences.

First and foremost before I continue onward, I wish all my readers a joyous and prosperous 2020 ahead.

Now let’s detail on to the main event – in this post I will be detailing on how I got students to make a simple journal-cum-reference book on the basic study of colours. The aim of the subject was to allow give them a basic introduction to the different schemes of colours and how to apply it in the various uses. At the very end of the subject, they were required to showcase their understanding in producing an abstract batik art piece.

As for the process the students were introduced to the colour wheel to familiarise with the names and how to mix the primary for the secondary and tertiary colours. To improve the practice, they were given a word of the week and they were expected to creative express that word using the colours that were learnt.

Progressing on, they began to familiarise themselves with the practice and had a better understanding on the different types of colours. This allowed them to better understand the different colour schemes. However, as this was an introductory subject, they were only exposed to complimentary, split-complimentary, analogous and triadic colours. With this now, they were briefed on their final project – to produce an abstract batik piece using one of the learnt colour schemes.

And Voila! A good experimentation with learning was achieved!

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