A Potter’s Diary Part 3: Patience results beauty

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First and foremost, I must admit that this art is going to me a while to conquer and master. Nevertheless, I told myself I am going to master it and I will. So moving forward, I am going to share the update on my previously completed clay works. They have all undergone their first firing and I was so elated when I received the text from my “guru” telling me – “Your homework has survived the first firing!” It was truly the best thing ever!

Truth be told, I was so afraid that my clock tower was not going to make it through. But seeing that it survived the first firing makes me even happier. Now I truly need to plan the colour scheme for it and begin to make some place at home for displaying.

That said, what was the lesson for the week. This week was focused on coiling upwards and blending the walls to smoothed into a pottery. I decided to make a pairing of cup and bowl.

The hardest part was controlling the coiling as the try to manage the shape requires not only patience but a firm and unshaken hand. The cup did not turn out the way I hoped but it will do for now.

The next thing I learnt was spiralling the handles. Now that was truly tricky, I had to work really fast so as to avoid it from drying too quickly and from splitting. So to touch it up finally, I decided to drip off some slip on the edges. That was inspired by one of the pieces I had seen on the drying shelf.

I had a little more time spared on the clock so I decided to experiment a little more with the slip. I dropped a blob and using a stick, drag it a little into a fishie!

That wraps up the weekly lesson. Upcoming will soon be the final class to level one – glazing and firing.

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