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So this time around, I decided to write about my trip to the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (www.iamm.org) and along with me I tagged my students along. For them, it was research, but for me it was looking at the same things but for a different perspective at the arts on display. There is always something new to see and learn each time I visit.

The walk through is always an amazement as the collection of works go way back in time and come from all over the place. As for the students, it was a wider range of items that amazed them. Added to that, the guide who accompanied them really gave them an insight into the architectural terms and elements. One thing that truly amazed them was also how the Arabs were fantastic matematician and applied their calculations not only into to tradings and travels but to their designs, creating beautiful ornate geometric patterned designs.

Added to that, were the fashion collections from all over the regions such like Persia, India, China and Africa. Here are some of the pictures for your viewing.

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