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I have a major issue – an obsession with rabbits, and that’s how I ended up making a needle felted doll. It all started with my usual and occasional visit to the Daiso outlet located not too far off from my housing area. I do make it a point to visit any of the Daiso outlets whenever I visit any of the malls within the Klang Valley and trust me, I always walk out of there with something or two. This time it was the needle felting kit.

Priced at RM 5.60, it comes with three different colored wool fibers, a felting needle, some plastic push buttons (to act as the eyes) and some extra accessories to turn your final piece into a key-chain item. Additionally, it comes with a full spread with step-by-steps for enthusiasts to follow pretty easily. Quite honestly, the steps are very straightforward and easy to understand and follow especially if you are a beginner at needle-felting. A word of advice, do not feel disheartened if your final design does not look anything like what is on the cover. It is a learning process.

Coming back to Mer-bunny Kit, instead of plunging myself into eternal damnation of stabbings, I decided to look up YouTube to see if there have been others who have attempted this kit. Lo and behold! There were many others which included one by Daiso too! I ran the video a couple of times just to digest how needle-felting works and it was precisely then did I realize that I lacked one more item! A foam mat to work as the stabbing work-space. So looking around my house, I substituted it with a dishwasher’s sponge and it worked perfectly well!

The instructions estimated about 1 to 1.5 hours to complete the entire piece, however, for a first-timer, it took me approximately 1 hour just to get the head, ears and body into formation. Nevertheless, patience is indeed a virtue and the perseverance led to the eventuality of completing a rabbit mermaid named Larelle (yes, please bear with me as I am in the habit of naming my creations!)

By now I have already mastered the stabbing technique and have managed to refine the straying fibers into something that seems similar to the cover (2nd picture from the top down)

Overall, it takes approximately, 4 hours to completely master it but it is definitely a good try for those looking for something new to learn and distract themselves from the work-stress. Yup, it can be pretty therapeutic just stabbing some fibers into a special creation.

Till my next muse~

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